I Love Pink

Pink is the colour of many girls,
it is the colour of the fashion world!
Pink is the attitude of a princess,
it’s the sensation of buying a new dress!
Pink is the scent of a pricey perfume,
it’s the explosion when a flower blooms!
Pink is soft like a fluffy pillow,
it is cool like a wind that billows,
pink is sweet like cotton candy,
pink is girly, cute and dandy!

-Kelly Curiel-

Friday, May 9, 2008

Hubbie meets Papie ..

At long last nagkita na rin ang pappie at hubbie ko ..
Ang venue sa 45th wedding anniversary ng lolo at lola ko ..
As usual mega nervous ako but it turns out well.
Natuwa nga ako kay hubbie dahil nag-effort siya'ng bumili ng new outfit .. hihihi ..
It's a good thing hindi sinungitan ni pappie si hubbie ..

BTW ..
kami 2 ni hubbie un nakaterno na kulay brown ..
ang aming "love story "..


Yesha said...

thats good to read that it turned out well..

your bf was nervous im sure :)

good luck and be happy always..

i miss you

Pink Posh said...

tnx yesha ..
whuppie ..
sobrang nervous kami..
but kgya nga ng sinbi mu ..
it turns out well..

Lorraine said...

You look good together. :)

Pink Posh said...

hihihi ..
tnx lorraine ..

spoiledbrat said...

Oh, wow. You're young and your family is fine with you having a boyfriend. Congrats with that.

Bear in mind, abstinence is the key! Haha. :D

hurt 'n healing said...

Wow. I can't imagine introducing my bf(if ever i'd have one) to my dad! Whooh!

I think you're really brave!

Have a stronger relationship. :)

hurt 'n healing said...

Umm.BTW, it's Laysa (laysa.supladita.net)

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