I Love Pink

Pink is the colour of many girls,
it is the colour of the fashion world!
Pink is the attitude of a princess,
it’s the sensation of buying a new dress!
Pink is the scent of a pricey perfume,
it’s the explosion when a flower blooms!
Pink is soft like a fluffy pillow,
it is cool like a wind that billows,
pink is sweet like cotton candy,
pink is girly, cute and dandy!

-Kelly Curiel-

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I'm luck at the age of 13 ..
My papa and mama trusted me to have a boyfriend ..
And this coming day im quite nervous ,
Magkikita ng face to face ang aking hubbie at ang aking pampam ... OMG ..!
But i'm also happy kasi magkikita na ang dalawang tao na importante sa life ko ..

Update ko keo sa EB ng aking father and hubbie ...!! hihihi..

Friday, April 18, 2008

My Ishinelas ..

Summer time again and uso nanaman ang mga flip-flops . I eagerly want a pair of havaianas but us usual I can’t afford it u know naman im just a typical teenage girl who is dependent in my parents . But im very happy when I saw a cute pair of flip-flops in ( Banana Peel - Trinoma ) . Maganda naman sya and it is more cheaper than havaianas I get it for only 85 pesos.. Laki ng difference noh than buying an expensive one dito ka na sa mura .. hihihi ..Buti na lang meron store na katulad ng Banana Peel coz I can budget my money to buy something else .. hihihi ..

I have to go na ..

Masyado na yata ang exposure ng Banana Peel sa blog ko .. hihihi .. bka mabigyan ako ng libre’ng tsinelas ..hihihi.. just kidding ..

For more info just visit…BananaPeel

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Live, Love ,Laugh"

That’s my motto in life.

Marami’ng nagsabi sa akin na ang High school life the happiest part in a teenage part...

At first ei hindi ako naniwala but when I became a high school student ei dun ko pa lang napatunayan na they are right .

I will always cherish my high school life .

Obviously my motto in life (Live , Love ,Laugh) embodies high school life …

I'll be an incoming junior high student this school year. I'll have my first js prom and lots of school activities ahead of me.

But for now i will just enjoy my summer vacation and LIVE, LOVE , LAUGH

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Melody

Physical Description

My Melody was the first major bunny character released by Sanrio. She is completely white, but she wears a red or pink hood and a red heart tattoo. Her riding hood usually has a pink bow, but it sometimes has a rose. My Melody was first featured wearing a red hood, but it soon became a pink hood. She is now back to wearing a red hood. She is sometimes accompanied by her friends; a lamb named Hitsuji-chan, mouse named Flat, and her nemesis Kuromi.

Official profile of My Melody

  • Name: My Melody
  • Birthday: January 18, 1975
  • Place of birth: Forest of Mari Land
  • Favorite hobby: Baking brownies with her mother
  • Favourite food: Almond pound cake
  • Best friend: A mouse named Flat
  • Enemy: Devil Kuromi
  • Description: Lives with her mother, grandmother and brother, Rhythm.
  • Personality: very curious, but a little hasty at times

Posh Wears Pink

Victoria Beckham

Posh of the self-acclaimed Spice Girls really knows how to dress up.
She is wearing stunning pink Roland Mouret “moon” dress match with a very elegant pink ostrich Hermes Birkin purse.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sony Paints the Town the Town RED with its PINK PSP

According to SONY, PINK is the new BLACK.

Perhaps, SONY realize that the way to get more Girl gamers is to paint the Gizmo PSP Pink

Pink Converse

Pink Converse fit for a Princess' feet

Pink Vespa

Vespa - the greatest scooter in the world

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