I Love Pink

Pink is the colour of many girls,
it is the colour of the fashion world!
Pink is the attitude of a princess,
it’s the sensation of buying a new dress!
Pink is the scent of a pricey perfume,
it’s the explosion when a flower blooms!
Pink is soft like a fluffy pillow,
it is cool like a wind that billows,
pink is sweet like cotton candy,
pink is girly, cute and dandy!

-Kelly Curiel-

Monday, May 5, 2008

Bonding Moments

Who says being with your family isn't fun ?
Of course not ..
I am lucky to have my parents and bro (icko)

With them I can be ME.

I can make hilata ..

Ican be sobrang matakaw sa house..

Ican be snobbish ..

And may more..

My pappy's in 1 month vacation so we're making the most out of it ..
Belated "HAPPY B-DAY to my PAPA" (May 1)


Kristelle said...

ya, i agree. family comes first :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, being with one's family is really great, i mean, you can just be yourself when you're with them and do whatever you want to do___ they simply accepts you for who you are :)

Cielo said...

i am happy anak that ur feeling that way towards our family...i love u anak.

keep on blogging ...kaya lang kaagaw na kita sa PC heheheh, bawas na blogging momennts ni Mama heheheh

Yesha said...

yep its fun being with family..they're the ones who will be there beside you no matter what..


extend my greetings to your dad

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