I Love Pink

Pink is the colour of many girls,
it is the colour of the fashion world!
Pink is the attitude of a princess,
it’s the sensation of buying a new dress!
Pink is the scent of a pricey perfume,
it’s the explosion when a flower blooms!
Pink is soft like a fluffy pillow,
it is cool like a wind that billows,
pink is sweet like cotton candy,
pink is girly, cute and dandy!

-Kelly Curiel-

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Melody

Physical Description

My Melody was the first major bunny character released by Sanrio. She is completely white, but she wears a red or pink hood and a red heart tattoo. Her riding hood usually has a pink bow, but it sometimes has a rose. My Melody was first featured wearing a red hood, but it soon became a pink hood. She is now back to wearing a red hood. She is sometimes accompanied by her friends; a lamb named Hitsuji-chan, mouse named Flat, and her nemesis Kuromi.

Official profile of My Melody

  • Name: My Melody
  • Birthday: January 18, 1975
  • Place of birth: Forest of Mari Land
  • Favorite hobby: Baking brownies with her mother
  • Favourite food: Almond pound cake
  • Best friend: A mouse named Flat
  • Enemy: Devil Kuromi
  • Description: Lives with her mother, grandmother and brother, Rhythm.
  • Personality: very curious, but a little hasty at times


Noemidado@gmail.com said...

Welcome to the blogging world! it's such an amazing medium to use for the common good. You're such a fine pretty girl. Keep on blogging and rocking !

Clarisel said...

My cocker spaniel was named Melody. I bought her a My Melody towel and basket.

I used to sing to her a My Melody song:

My Melody.
Hopping along with a smile and a song.

And then repeat My Melody...

I remember My Melody loved the song. She used to get so happy when I sang it to her.

My Melody was a special dog. She lives on in my heart. I still have the My Melody items I got for her.

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