I Love Pink

Pink is the colour of many girls,
it is the colour of the fashion world!
Pink is the attitude of a princess,
it’s the sensation of buying a new dress!
Pink is the scent of a pricey perfume,
it’s the explosion when a flower blooms!
Pink is soft like a fluffy pillow,
it is cool like a wind that billows,
pink is sweet like cotton candy,
pink is girly, cute and dandy!

-Kelly Curiel-

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Live, Love ,Laugh"

That’s my motto in life.

Marami’ng nagsabi sa akin na ang High school life the happiest part in a teenage part...

At first ei hindi ako naniwala but when I became a high school student ei dun ko pa lang napatunayan na they are right .

I will always cherish my high school life .

Obviously my motto in life (Live , Love ,Laugh) embodies high school life …

I'll be an incoming junior high student this school year. I'll have my first js prom and lots of school activities ahead of me.

But for now i will just enjoy my summer vacation and LIVE, LOVE , LAUGH


Rosemarie said...

totoo yon sis ang high school life ang pinakamasayang memory na masarap balik balikan pag tumatanda ka na.
Kasi sa high school maraming mga magagandang nagyayri eh at maraming kalokohan woooot joke lang po.

Btw sis i'll added you already on my blog roll tnx for the dropping by my site sis.

Pink Posh said...

ireali appreciate ur comment sisz..!!

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